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Vehicle Fleet Manager

Create maintenance schedule and track expenses about your vehicles
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20 October 2015

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Vehicle Fleet Management Software is easy to use and manipulate. It keeps track of vehicles data including repairs, tires purchase, fuel, etc. Service Schedule can be created and a lot of versatile reports and graphs can be generated from the data.

Pros: Vehicle related data and maintenance data for each can be maintained. Data can be maintained in a very detailed manner. Not only maintenance schedule can be managed but performance based on fuel efficiency of each vehicle can be tracked.

Detailed data about the kind of services to be done on each vehicle as well as the service providers also can be maintained, besides direct purchases like tires and fuel is tracked. Several reports formats generates a range of expense tracks per vehicle or for the fleet over different time periods.

Cons: First thing that comes to mind when you hear the term vehicle fleet management you would assume it is about managing the services generated by the fleet. But this package is not about that. It is actually maintaining data on the health of the vehicle fleet and managing maintenance and corresponding expenses. The income side of a typical rental business is not handled here. Consequently if you are running a business, you’ll probably need another package that takes care of the accounting as well as the logistics of scheduling trips etc for taking care of fares. But then that’s how it has been designed.

Given that one is not sure what can be done with the drivers data that is maintained linked to each car, up to three drivers can be linked to each vehicle. Only the expenses related to their salary, as part of expense tracking, can useful.

Basically an organizer for maintenance related expenses will need a lot of data maintenance. For the limited purpose the package does its job well.

Overall, it is at three stars level.

Publisher's description

Create maintenance schedule and track expenses about your vehicles. Free your mind with a maintenance schedule and automatic reminders. Stop wasting time trying to find repair bills, registration, insurance information, VIN#, or any other information concerning your vehicles. Get the real exploitation costs of your fleet with versatile and detailed printable reports.
Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 will meet your real needs without breaking your budget! It is suitable for any individual or business with small or large vehicle fleet to manage. Get an easy access to all your vehicles data (drivers, purchase data, insurance, supplier, pictures, registration, etc.). Keep track of repairs, tires purchases, oil changes, fuel and all other fees about your vehicles. Create a service schedule that will let you know when maintenance is due on a vehicle. Find if your pieces to repair are still under warranty. Get detailed reports about how much you spent for each single vehicle, for a group of vehicle or for the entire fleet in a year, a month, a week, from a date to another, for oil changes, repairs, other fees or anything. Extremely versatile. Track your vehicles expenses and fuel efficiency with a lot of graphs. Compatible with Windows Vista. A Network Edition is available.
Vehicle Fleet Manager
Vehicle Fleet Manager
Version 4.0
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